Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I have started to make a playlist diary style thing for every month or week or so. It's an idea I've unashamedly robbed off Cameron Crowe. The idea being you can go back and look at what you were listening to for that month. Anyway, here is 05/03/2008

1. India - The Psychedelic Furs
2. The True Wheel - Brian Eno
3. Mer du Japon - Air
4. Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem
5. Moonshake - Can
6. Road Leads Where It's Lead - Secret Machines
7. Weissensee - Neu!
8. I'm Set Free - The Velvet Underground
9. Bros - Panda Bear
10. Jody Sings - Masters of Reality
11. Man In A Shed - Nick Drake
12. You Set The Scene - Love
13. I Only Said - My Bloody Valentine
14. Just Like heaven - The Cure
15. Quel Mal y a-t-il Á Ca? - Francoise Hardy
16. The Curse of Ka'zar - Lemon Jelly
17. Gorecki - Lamb
18. Cosy In The Rocket - Psapp
19. Radio Free Europe - R.E.M
20. We Call Upon The Author - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

So there you go. That's March the 5th-ish. As you can see, it's going to be twenty songs every time. I'll post them when I date them. Any suggestions, feel free to add them.

The My Bloody Valentine link is bootleg footage of them playing 'I Only Said'. Magic. I Think I'll scrap T.V Eye being at the side of the page, and just paste links within the relevant articles from now. I think that will be more succesful.

Currently listening to 'Feels' by Animal Collective


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