Monday, 10 March 2008

An Evening with The Kills

The Duke of York's is the longest running cinema in Britain, and is the venue for tonight's special show. Entitled an Evening with The Kills, it consists of a film they have made as well as a concert. The film consists of fucking cool clips of seminal bands. It strikes me that The Kills influence's are fairly obvious and having them on a huge projection screen behind you seems a little pointless. There were no surprises in the bands they showed clips from. New York through the ages, the Velvets, Television, Patti Smith, Johnny Thunders etc. The Rolling Stones were also there. See what I mean? So the film is enjoyable, but essentially I could have trawled youtube for those clips and edited them together myself. Anyway, the band are running out of time and have to come on before the film has finished. This means The Kills end up playing with giant projections of Fugazi and the like behind them, which is a slight distraction from their own performance.
Anyway, The Kills come on, do their garage sexy druggy blues drum machine rock thing, which sounds ace in the cinema, and VV (real name Alison Mosshart) looks fucking cool doing her rock heroine thing. Kate Moss hangs quietly by the backstage entrance, seemingly not bothered that her man is on stage. I wonder if Kate gets jealous of the intimacy that Hotel and VV have on stage? I probably would if I was Kate, VV is much better. The Kills trawl through stuff from the first two albums, including 'Wait' and 'Fried My Little Brains' as well as mixing in stuff from 'Midnight Boom' the third album released yesterday (produced by one of the guys from Spank Rock). The show is fun, there's some people dancing in their seats, and gradually people move down towards the front. However, it's the encore of 'The Good Ones' followed by 'Love is a Deserter' that finally get the crowd all up on their feet.
A slightly strange evening then, watching a rock and roll band in an armchair whilst watching huge projections of frankly better rock and roll bands behind them. Worth it? I'd say so.

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