Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Dead Meadow Sweat it Out at the Freebutt

Dead Meadow, stoner rock kings, played the Freebutt in Brighton on Saturday. I was lucky enough to be in attendance when the boys take the stage in what has to be the sweatiest venue in the world. Apparently the air conditioning has broken, as Example's show there last night was also fucking roasting. Anyway, Dead Meadow. Opening with the first two off Old Growth (which I really like) 'Ain't Got Nothing (To Go Wrong)' and 'Between Me and the Ground' the band saunter through material old and new. The set heavily relies on the 'Old Growth' material, as pretty much all the non-acoustic numbers from the new record get a work out. They jam on things and seem to decide which material to play there and then, which makes it encapsulating viewing. However I have to mention the support band at this point. Named Bowlide Awkwardstra, they make a cacophonous sound mash for half an hour then walk off. Whistles, bells, plastic saxophones, guitar pedals fed through themselves over and over. Mental. Like 'Free Jazz' era Coleman, mixed with the electronics of Hawkwind. Totally enthralling to watch, but not sure how well it would work on record. Who knows. Something to look into? Anyway, below is 'Ain't Got Nothing (To Go Wrong)' by Dead Meadow. Enjoy.

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