Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A Tentative List of Things to Do in Paradise

Today I found the most amazing book. So good I had to post about it on here, even though it's a book and not musical. It's from 1969, and is called 'Counter Culture' and is a series of essays edited by Joseph Berke. The reason it's so amazing is the lay out and stuff though, and all the weird things in it. Anarchic hippy revolutionary style stuff. Brilliant. I thought I would put something from it up on here, and have chosen 'A Tentative List of Things to Do in Paradise' by Tuli Kupferberg, including spelling mistakes.

1. Fuck
2. Don't Fuck
3. Sing
4. Do nothing
5. Read
6. Play with yourself
7. Feed the hungry
8. Play Frisbee
9. Meditate
10. Bake apple strudel (with Cinnamon, not too much sugar)
11. Have a baby
12. Play with children
13. Teach something someone wants to know
14. Learn to play guitar (or the Moog Synthesiser)
15. Discover a cure for cancer
16. Work for immortality
17. Travel
18. Stay at home
19. Write a poem
20. Write a book
21. Plant beans
22. Go live in the desert and meditate
23. Take drugs
24. Invent a new sexual position
25. Invent a new drug
26. Just play a record
27. Perform a play
28. Kiss someone
29. Touch someone else
30. Walk across England
31. Bicycle through Germany
32. Call up yr mother
33. Watch (good) TV
34. Invent a sensory stimulating device as important as TV
35. Go to a good movie
36. Make a good movie
37. Think up new things to do
38. Paint
39. Paint yr house
40. Paint yr body
41. Paint yr lover's body
42. Walk along the sea-shore
43. Sail a boat to Cape Cod
44. Learn to play the piano
45. Invent a machine to translate sounds into a book in ten minutes (with 10,302 choices of binding)
46. Stare at yr beautiful body
47. Pet a dog (or cat)
48. Go home
49. Visit a friend
50. Help someone who needs help
51. Look at the sky
52. Dance
53. Dance till you drop
54. Drink wine
55. Visit the moon
56. Desire me
57. Make suggestions to other people of things to do
58. Tell jokes
59. Sing in a chorus
60. Pet yourself (you feel good)
61. Tale off all yr clothes
62. Make beautiful new clothes
63. Make beautiful pottery: cups for beautiful wines
64. Climb a mountain (because y're there): don't hurt yrself!
65. Build a new musical instrument
66. Think about God
67. Think about the meaning of the universe - & then
68. Laugh
69. Sleep sometime
70. Dream if you like
71. Go away (& com back if you like)
72. Have an adventure (don't know where y're going)(get lost in a strange city)
73. Visit China at last
74. Eat dinner in the BBC cafeteria
75. Don't care what you do
76. Sit in the park under a tree
77. Sit in a tree
78. Confide in someone
79. Tell someone how beautiful they are
80. Play with fire
81. Play with ice
82. Touch your toes; that feels good
83. Touch her toes
84. Suck on a titty
85. Wrestle for fun (not to win)
86. Run
87. Jump up & down
88. Smile
89. Sit in the sun
90. Listen to the wind thru the leaves of the sycamore tree
91. Come walk with me
92. Play the fiddle while drink cider, others dance
93. Build a house with yr own hands
94. Take a bath
95. Knit a scarf in incredible wools
96. Design & manufacture radios
97. Talk to me
98. Talk to him
99. Talk to her
100. Talk to yourself
101. Make love...we are all lovers

How about that?

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