Sunday, 27 April 2008


Sorry for the delays again. I am currently snowed under with Uni work so that is taking a bit of priority at the moment. However, I've been reading some awesome stuff for my hippy project, such as Mick Farren's 'Give the Anarchist a Cigarette' book, which is insightful, witty and really rather honest I think. Also I have re-read 'White Bicycles', Joe Boyd's book, mainly for the sections on the UFO nightclub, which is obviously featuring heavily in the London section of my project.
I do have some new music though, which will get reviewed and ranted about soon enough. Yeasayer, Amon Duul II and A Tribe Called Quest will all get talked about, and also some Guru Guru and probably a review of this evening's Sebadoh gig at Concorde2 in Brighton, if I get round to it.
A Tribe Called Quest are really rocking major deck time at the moment, particularly 'Low End Theory' but also 'Midnight Marauders'. I am also loving the song 'Monkey Puzzle' by the Brian Jonestown Massacre, off the 'Take It From the Man' album.

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