Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Upcoming News

Hello Mothers
First of all, apologies for the delays in posting during August. I was away for a lot of the time in Peru, and various things have happened since I have been back that have prevented me from posting.
Right then, upcoming posts. I saw the Warlocks at the end of August, but can't really be bothered to review them. They were good. Very sweaty show that included almost all of 'Phoenix', their career peak, except for 'Red Rooster' and 'Oh Shadie', which was excellent. It just slightly depressed me that such a good show was dominated by an album they released seven years ago. Speaking to JC, one of three guitarists, afterwards, he said they'd had some technical problems with the venue (no monitors) and nearly pulled the show. I am glad they didn't.
However, there will be a review of Bestival by me, which was wet, but musically very good. There will also be a review of Offset Festival, well Gang of Four and Wire at least, by Ali, who is going to start helping me out with this blog very soon. There also possibly will be a review of the Green Man Festival by John, if he ever gets round to it! I have also added video links to some songs from the Lips, way back at Lovebox. Enjoy.
Anyway, turn and face the strange.

Sonic Sam

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