Saturday, 20 September 2008

Steel Pulse and The Cool Kids

Hello Mothers

I have just moved in to my new house, and I am currently posting whilst scrounging someone else's unprotected wireless connection. Rock and Roll. Anyway, been on a mini spending spree lately, just some stuff to get me through the term. I am really enjoying 'Handsworth Revolution' by Steel Pulse at the moment. Steel Pulse, if you didn't know, where/are Britain's premier roots reggae band, and had a bit of a following within the British punk movement, John Lydon in particular was a fan. It's just great roots reggae, which is good to listen to in the sunshine. 'Ku Klux Klan' and the title track are probably my favourites at the moment, but I'd recommend just getting the record. 'Macka Splaff', the final track, has a kind of uptempo dub vibe about it, with the signature reverb splashed about all over the guitar.

I have also purchased 'The Bake Sale', the much talked about debut release from The Cool Kids on Cake Records (XL). It's fun. It's pretty derivative hip hop from the golden era, leaning heavily on artists like Eric B and Rakim, but there's nothing wrong with that. The beats and production are pretty minimal, especially on the first half of the record. 'What It Is' features a very 90's beat with a quicker tempo. Imagine a schmooth Public Enemy making a party record with Pharell.

I still can't stop listening to The Beach Boys either. They dick on the Beatles. 'Heroes and Villains' off 'Smiley Smile' is such a perfect song, and how many of those do they have? Anyway, I don't think I need to recommend The Beach Boys to anyone, but if you don't listen to them that much, what is wrong with you? Probably the second best pop recording artist ever, behind the untouchable Stevie Wonder.

Currently listening to that Cool Kids album.

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