Tuesday, 27 March 2007


'Tommy' by The Who is often considered a classic album. I wonder if this is mainly due to the novelty of it being a 'rock opera' and all, but it does have some quality tunes on it. The Overture and Underture bits are my favourites, not really sure why. I think the way that they write almost religious songs is good, like the last bit of 'We're not Gonna Take It'. But the story always seems to lack something to me. If I hadn't seen the film then it would be hard to follow, bits just happen, have you noticed that? Anyway, besides the point. Why aren't more bands being adventurous and trying something like this? It doesn't have to be complicated music like Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky in order for it to be adventurous. Admittedly, 'Tommy' could do with scrapping the shit little interludes, like 'Tommy's Holiday Camp', but then I don't think The Who could make an album without some humour. There are weak tracks, everyone knows that, but Townshend is a genius rhythm guitar player, and his chords are always amazing so they get through. A mate of mine called John feels that the movie soundtrack is superior, but I am inclined to disagree, I think the musicians reproducing the tracks just don't match the controlled mayhem that is The Who as a rhythm section. There's no feeling that the band might just slip out of Townshends grip, which 'Tommy' has. They have reissued Live at Leeds with a second disc containing the 'Tommy' bit that is represented by Amazing Journey/Sparks on the original record. I'm not sure I want the whole of Tommy in the middle though, and I don't think I would want to here 'Tommy' live, it wouldn't have my favourite stuff, it wouldn't feel so gigantic and I'm not sure it would carry well. I also don't know if they have taken Amazing Journey/Sparks off the first disc. I could check but I'm not going to. I am taking comfort in the people shelling out for the new version and not getting Amazing Journey/Sparks in the original track listing. They have to wade through the whole of 'Tommy' to get it. Having said that, I haven't heard it, and am slightly miffed that my copy doesn't have it.

Last Fm got better last night, played me something I hadn't heard before by Teengenerate, so that was worthwhile.

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