Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Bulletin is Back

The Soft Bulletin is back up and running as of tonight, as I now have access to a computer again. Finally. Which is good. Lots has happened, and lots more is going to happen, so an exciting summer coming up.
Recently I have been listening to a couple of the fucking excellent Nigeria Special compilations, the Highlife one and the psychedelic one. They are brilliant. The Funkees, as featured on the compilation, are the cool bunch of motherfuckers that are in this post's opening photo. A full review will happen soon, alongside it a review of the equally excellent African Scream Contest, which covers a similar period (early 70's), only this time in Benin and Togo rather than Nigeria. I might do those tomorrow or Monday, but before Glastonbury I promise. I'll also review the Cloudland Canyon album that's a krautrock tribute type thing. It's really quite spacey and wonderful. Check it out if you haven't done already.
Also, look forward to reviews of Radiohead live at Victoria Park, and Glastonbury. I expect the mighty John Cale or the Brian Jonestown boys to be the highlight, but who knows. Plenty of great things going on in the less well known areas, such as the mighty Ethiopiques playing a set.
I also fancy doing a blog about the seminal Wire trilogy of 'Pink Flag', 'Chairs Missing' and '154' because it's so good. Most people already own it, but still worth talking about. I think 'Chairs Missing' pips it for me.

Anyway, Thanks for reading if you are!

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